What is the profile of Real Estate investors in Punta Cana?

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Real estate investors in Punta Cana are diverse, ranging from individuals looking to acquire a property for vacation or retirement, to international companies and investors who see the area’s potential as a premier tourist destination.


Individuals often invest in properties such as apartments, condos or vacation homes, with the intention of using them for their own vacations or renting them out on a short-term basis via rental platforms such as Airbnb.

These investors are looking to take advantage of the tax benefits offered by the Dominican government, such as the 15-year tax exemption on tourist properties in certain regions.

International investors

International investors, meanwhile, are attracted by the region’s rapid growth potential in terms of tourism and real estate development.

They are investing in larger projects, such as hotels, residential complexes and commercial zones, to take advantage of the region’s growing demand for accommodation and tourist services.

Overall, real estate investors in Punta Cana are attracted by the location’s tax advantages, economic growth and long-term return potential.

Sylvain Maufrais, AGIREDOM

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